Oh my…furniture has arrived!

Since purchasing our land in 2014 we have been all over Melbourne looking for the perfect furniture. It was only in the last couple of months we stumbled across HOME CONCEPTS in then Prahran and now relocated to Windsor.

They are a boutique establishment with over 20 years of experience in the business. The thing I like most about them is that their furniture is Australian made and you can customise the furniture to your dimension and like. We got our couch to be more firm and dining table a bit longer.

If you are looking for a personalised touch to your home pop in and see Dean, Leanne and Eliza. You will love their friendly vibe and exceptional customer service. Plus their prices are very reasonable for the quality and 10 year warranty.



Security for your home

One of the key things to organise when moving into a new estate is getting your security sorted. There have been a few day break-ins in our area and since then a community set up has taken place on FB.

While researching I found that the following had good services:

  1. Signal Security Services
    – Good if you do not have access to the internet in your estate
    Signal Security Pty. Limited
    Level 3, 126 Russell Street
    Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
    T   1300 73 83 93
  2. RACV Emergency Home Assist
    If you have access to the internet this it the most reasonable setup
    Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Limited
    Level 2, 550 Princes Highway
    Noble Park North, Victoria 3174
    T 132 756
  3. Ring
    – DIY solution and supporting Australian made

Moving day!

Moving day arrived sooner than excepted, Thursday 17 November. We went with Melbourne Metro Movers and could not have been happier with their service. We had two lovely Brazilian guys called Enrico and Gus. It was a hot day and being on the third floor with no access to lifts was a tough day. Six hours later we had finally arrived into our brand new home.

The days after…

The next day we had our hot water and appliances installed it was a 7.30am start to the day.

In the days following we had our pendant lights installed by hubby’s good mate from work. Our appliances were delivered by my in-laws and new TV from my parents.


We got our keys!

On the 8 November, we got our keys! It was an exciting start to the day… we finally met our lovely client liaison Selen! I believe that the reason we had a stress free build was because she has such a good sense of communication and follow-ups.

We received four golden keys, welcome pack, important documents and our special mop for our engineered floorboards.

Such exciting times ahead.

Couple days later we got our curtains installed which was great! Dollar Curtains and Blinds Epping did an amazing job. Our bedroom plantation shutters are still left to be installed.




Nitty-Gritty items…

We had our first walk through on the 20th of October with our Site Supervisor, Stephen East and our private building inspector, Darbecca. We were pretty happy as there was only cosmetic changes to be made. The biggest change was the scratched windows.

The second walkthrough we noticed our engineered floorboards were scratched! Yes, scratching is delaying us.. but today 7 November we went over and everything was in order. We have officially signed off!! Hooray!

We had started packing slowly two months ago, it is a good time to sort out on clutter. You can also book in Brotherhood of St Lawrence to collect items for charity, including white goods.

There is a number of removalist and the best one based on customer reviews is Metro Movers. They even offer Complimentary on Move Day: Portable Wardrobes, Plasma Crates and Mattress/Couch Covers.

We booked our apartment cleaning with Exit Clean Melbourne.

Here is a checklist I have found useful to plan for the lead up to MOVE DAY!

Estimated cost for moving day
Boxes  $     100.00
Removalist (3 hours + toll)  $     437.00
Exit Cleaning services (2 bedroom apartment)  $     350.00
Redirection of mail (12 months)  $     116.55
Total  $  1,003.55


Styling we must go…

This has been tough, trying to find a stylish and comfortable couch!
After much research and visiting so many places, we came across a boutique furniture shop in Prahran called Home Concepts. The staff have been amazingly helpful and their prices are reasonable for the quality of furniture they have. Did I mention it is Australian made and also comes with a 10-year warranty!!

We decided to do a layout check! So, with my painter’s tape, I measured out the dimensions and realised my initial plan for a 3 seater and 2 seater would close up the open plan and made it feel a bit cramped. So instead we opted for a chaise lounge.


Dining table and 2 seater next to dining table and three seater next to window

Say hi to Lily!



Nearing the home run!

I have been preoccupied! Fiji won it’s first Olympic medal and that being GOLD in rugby sevens. I was at home watching telly, to witness such a historic and proud moment. Shortly after I got quite unwell and have been home for six weeks now. The longest break I have ever had since starting work in 1999!!! A colleague of mine (good old George), reminded me to update my blog.

What has happened to date?

ALOT!!!! And the journey has been great!

We are almost nearing completion, with only the flooring in the main area and bedrooms, shower screens, mirrors to wardrobe and clean up.

Let me show you a few pictures, it definitely speaks louder than words.

August 13, 2016


21 August, 2016


28 August, 2016


27 September, 2016


Slab! Frame! Roof! Bricks!

Winter brings unpredictable weather, we had two weeks of rain in June that delayed the slab but after that, things seem to move so quickly.

The month of July we have seen our slab, frame, roof, and bricks go up! The private building inspector has been there throughout the way, attending to oversight and non compliance to building code. This has given us a peace of mind. Boutique has responded to these outstanding items to be fixed before they commence on the next stage.

Site getting prepped for build
Pre-Slab inspection is very important
Waffle goes in before the slab is poured
Slab is down
Frame and Roof are up, plus the windows and sliding doors.
Blue skies! And the bricks!

Engage Darbecca!

After reading so many reviews and experiences from other home builders, the common private building inspector that comes up with very good ratings was Darbecca!

This made me switch from the initial private building inspector I was planning to engage in their services to Darbecca.

We have opted to go with inspection at every stage.

This quote is valid as at 18 May 2016:

Stage Inspections Single Storey – Standard Pricing Single Storey – Discount Pricing
Pre Pour/Steel Inspections $490.00 $470.00
Slab Inspection $330.00 $0  (combined with frame inspection)
Frame Inspection $495.00 $450.00  (inc. complimentary slab inspection)
Pre Plaster/Lock up $495.00 $450.00  (inc. complimentary frame reinspection)
Pre Paint/Fixing Inspections $495.00 $450.00
Waterproofing Inspections $430.00 $390.00    ($120.00 if combined with Fixing)
PCI/Final Inspections $630.00 $550.00
Re Inspections $385.00 $350.00
*Please note – All prices are inclusive of GST*

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The last few months I have been missing in action. The last few months has seen so many changes and in the process we have learnt so much.

I have just come back from a restful break in Fiji visiting my parents and now have time to update our blog.

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