An expensive lesson

Decisions are so hard to make! We have seen a few design plans and we thought we had found our dream home, we even paid the initial deposit and the weekend before our colour appointment we decided to visit one of their display villages in a suburb we had never been before. This was the start of everything going downhill. When we went to the showroom it was a nightmare!

Lesson 1: Before you place any money down ask to visit the showroom to see the range of products.

Lesson 2: Visit all the display villages to get a feel of the different design options and have a look at their finishes.

Lesson 3: Don’t get carried away with the first home you set your eyes on. See as many builders and design options.

After feeling a bit dishearten we went back to where we started. The first builder we saw in our quest was Boutique Homes. The Barcelona was too big to fit on our small block so we decided to see the Chelsea design. The kitchen won my heart.


Photo courtesy of Boutique homes



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