Water Tank

This is our bit for the environment and being green. We have opted to have a water tank to service and recycle water from the laundry, toilets and garden. We have opted to go with an independent supplier, Rainwise Pools, Tanks and Pumps.

To allow for this, you must get your builder to provide a provision for future installation of rainwater tank by others after handover.  This includes capped service runs plumbed to WCs and Laundry and single weatherproof power point for Owner’s future pump.

These are the tanks we are looking at with Rainwise Pools, Tanks and Pumps.

Please note prices are current as of 22 December 2015.


Yarra Valley Average Water Consumption for a typical household:



Pull-Out Bin

This is often forgotten during the build process and it is a very important feature. When my parents were building their home some 18 years ago in Fiji, having a modern kitchen was such a big change. Even till today, their kitchen has not seemed to date. One of the key features I liked in their kitchen apart from the Oregon timber finish is the pull-out bin!

Boutique Homes has three pull-out bin options, we have opted for the waste management bin.

LP0012CH ABN Group Bin Flyer.png


On Friday,we had our electrical appointment. Dad also came along with us.

Some of the tips we got were to think how you would use the switch.
For example, in the laundry we placed a switch at a height of 1000mm to cater for us when ironing.

We chose a low profile diffused downlight kit 12W white, 24 in total!

My tip is to pay extra for the surge protector, it cost us $224 and is so worth it. Think of your water tank, you will need an outdoor switch for this.

If you building a double storey try and get all your electrical right for the bottom, it is harder to do this at a later stage.


Slimline switches to the entire home



Cannot avoid variations..

After our colour selection we were given 48 hours to make any changes. This is an opportunity to make changes to your selection and not incur a change fee. The most important 48 hours of your pre-build cycle. Kimberley, yes I mention her a lot because she is awesome! Arranged us a time on Saturday to go pick the right floor tiles. And trust me never pick anything to do with colour online. The variation of colours in physical form is so different.

And yes, we made a few variations:

Floor Tiles
Cat 4 600 x 600 Monza Colle White Satin/Lappato
Laundry Floor Tiles
Cat 4 300 x 600 Monza Colle White Satin/Lappato 
Garage Door
Colour – Caoba Profile – Cosmopolitan
Boral Aggregate Alpine
Tiles from floor to ceiling
Door Base – Gesso Lini Sheen
Internal Paint
3 coats of paint Wattyl Imperial White (upgrade to Dulux wash and wear)


I spent Saturday evening hosting a cooking lesson for my friend Amy. In our conversation, we started talking about easement!

Before we bought our land we did not do enough research on our 2 meter easement. We have learnt you cannot build any permanent structure on the easement and also you need to build 20cm from the easement.

Easements are a method of giving other people some rights over your property.

Examples are:

  • The right to have a pipe or other underground, or above ground, service laid under your property. The most common easements are for drainage and sewerage pipes. You will sometimes come across utility easements for water supply, electricity, telecommunications and gas.
  • Right of access, for example; to come onto your property and maintain, repair and replace the services.
  • Right to use a shared driveway

Although the person or organization having benefit of the easement has the responsibility to restore the land after maintenance and repairs this does not usually extend to rebuilding any structures such as sheds or replacing expensive paving.

Read more about easements here.

Colour Appointment

When I got up this morning I was a bit nervous and excited! My lovely boss Margaret has helped us so much by giving us practical advice.  So with that in mind we rocked up at our appointment with all our researched items.

We started with our contract, going over the particulars and the plan.
Then it was time for the fun part! Choosing our colours. Kimberley has truly been awesome and so patient.

Here are our choices:

Main floor tiles
Main floor tiles plus carpet
front door
Front Door
Georgian in Evening Haze
Kitchen Tap
Kitchen Tap
Kitchen colour scheme
Kitchen colour scheme
Roof tiles
Macquarie pofile in Gun mental
Floor tiles Top: Ensuite, Middle: Main Bathroom, Bottom: Main
Bathroom colour scheme
Bathroom colour scheme
Driveway – Expose Aggregate – Starlight



This is such a tough job choosing the right colour for our home! Lucky we have a very helpful and experience Pre-Start Consultant. Her name is Kimberley Bannon and she has been super marvellous.

Over the last few days, Kolaia and I have been selecting colour schemes we like. Still no definite choice on the bricks but I think we have the bathroom covered.

What do you think? The one on the left is for the main bathroom and the one on the right is for our ensuite.

Photo courtesy of Boutique Homes, Seville 28 Wollert