A blog to follow..

I have read so many blogs and from each blog you learn something plus giving you great insight and ideas.

Just recently I came across the House Amour blog! Ashlee does an amazing job putting all her ideas together. At first you would think she is an interior designer, her colour palettes are very tasteful.

Follow her blog here https://houseamour.wordpress.com/


Don’t forget to visit her section on house related websites, https://houseamour.wordpress.com/house-related-sites/


2 thoughts on “A blog to follow..

  1. Hi Johanna, thank you so much for the plug. It’s lovely to know you enjoy reading my blog 🙂
    Your house design is great. I especially love the kitchen. The Frosty Carrina stone is going to look incredible. Looking forward to following your build 🙂

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  2. Hi Ashlee, such a fan of your blog! Yes, I love our kitchen and had to compromise on the theatre space for a lovely kitchen for the family to gather. I wanted wooden floorings but had to stick to the budget and went with tiles, now I have to get ideas of how to dress the floors to soften the look. I love everything you post.. especially, via Polyvore! You definitely have an amazing design eye!


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