Being thankful for the little things in life

On Saturday, 20 February Tropical Cyclone  Winston was registered as a category 5 cyclone, with gust winds of up to 330 km/hr. It was recorded as the strongest cyclone in the southern hemisphere. My poor little island, Fiji was affected by this storm and over 90% of homes were affected. Lives have been lost, schools closed, bridges washed away, houses destroyed, agriculture all blown flat but yet people have smiles and hope to rebuild. The international community has come to Fiji’s aid, especially Australia.

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In Australia, we have building standards that make our homes secure and strong. Unlike most homes in Fiji, especially in the farming community, homes are built with corrugated sheets.

As a homeowner, our responsibility is to ensure that we have taken all measures to have a proper build. This is why we opt for better builders and engage in the services of a Building Inspector.

While waiting for the land to title, we have researched and have found a reputable building inspector – SPI Property Inspections.

As of February 2016
For new home construction, there are five important stages.  SPI Property Inspections can be your independent inspector on each of these stages, at the following fees:

Base Stage $450.00
Frame Stage $525.00
Lock-up/Pre-Plaster $525.00
Fixing Stage $525.00
Final Handover $575.00
Total -$2,600.00
All prices include GST and travel

You can book any of these inspections at the above prices, however if you would like to book for all 5 stages, a discount is offered. The total discounted price will be $2,340.00.  The discount will be applied to the final stage, ie, the Final Handover will be $315.00.

Inspectors are all qualified builders and very experienced with residential construction projects.  They are also equipped with a state-of-the-art, custom-designed iPad app that allows them to complete the report at the time of inspection and email it to you the same day.