Our Land is being titled!

20 months later and our land is being titled! Yipeeee..
Our conveyancer told us on Monday, 21 March and the next day we received an email from our developers.


Email from Developers


So, what happens next! Since November 2015 Victoria has adopted the Verification of Identity (VOI) a concept introduced in Western Australia. Our conveyancer, provided us with an email outlining the requirements. We had to complete our details online to identify ourselves. Once this is completed if you chose an appointment preference after business hours a nominated agent will contact you via email and text. A date and time is set to verify you in person (we did this today).

The agent must present a secure ID (photo, name and agent number). He verifies your ID documents, takes a picture of you and you sign electronically. We paid a couple rate of $99.00. This is valid for two years. So what is the purpose of this? To eliminate fraud.

We notified our builder that our land is being titled and they have requested for a soil test of the block.

I have a feeling April maybe the month for stage 1 of our build.


9 thoughts on “Our Land is being titled!

      • No, same developer. We paid our deposit 20 months ago. It was suppose to title in June 2015 and there were so many delays but no reason why. So, 10 months after the initial date of title was the delay. A colleague of mine said always add up to 8 months from the time developers say they going to title. Where are you building?


      • I’m building in Tarneit. Signed land October 2015 and suppose to title May 2016. Original builder said delay due to weather but if you see the timing, it’s really because of the sale – they are all happen ‘coincidentally’ at the same time. I was expecting several months delay, just not 6 months plus 😑


      • Fingers crossed it happens as stated by the new developers. Btw, I like all the advice on your blog and noticed we have the same pre-start consultant.


      • Ohh, thank you… I love your posts too ☺️
        Yes da,e pre-start consultant, I think there are only a handful so they already all usually quite busy. The new developer is bigger and own development next door some fingers crossed they are on time!


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