I have an awesome Mortgage Broker!


If you are thinking of using a mortgage broker, I would recommend doing your homework.
If you are as lucky as I am, the experience will be smooth.

In our early planning stages, we engaged in the services of Mortgage Finesse.
Danielle Ridley our Principal Broker guided us through the process and equipped us with all the advice we needed.
There is no pressure of using a particular bank.

Over the last few months, there has been heaps of paperwork and Sandi has been awesome! She will keep you on track and will make sure you tick all the relevant boxes, fill out your application forms correctly and meet timelines.

So, here are my tips for choosing an awesome broker like mine:

  1. Make sure they are accredited. MFAA and Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) brokers have to adhere to higher education standards and ethical standards aligned to government requirements.
  2. Get some feedback. We were lucky that Danielle and her team came highly recommended. Word of mouth is the best form of feedback but there is always forums and reviews online.
  3. Prepare questions. On your first consultation ask many questions and compare with other brokers what they can offer.
  4. What is their commission and do they offer rebates? Commission can be on-going and is paid directly by the loan provider. If a broker does not disclose this information I would not go with them. Some brokers offer rebates from part of their commission.
  5. Explain your needs. The broker should be able to explain different mortgage options and ensure that it meets your financial needs.

If you like to get in touch with my broker here are their details, you will not be disappointed.

Danielle Ridley
Financial Consultant
99-101 Beleura Hill Rd
Mornington, VIC 3931
PO Box 140 Chelsea, VIC 3196
Ph: 9020 1420 Mob: 0425 726 419 Fax: 9772 4013
Email: danielle@mortgagefinesse.com.au

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