Slab! Frame! Roof! Bricks!

Winter brings unpredictable weather, we had two weeks of rain in June that delayed the slab but after that, things seem to move so quickly.

The month of July we have seen our slab, frame, roof, and bricks go up! The private building inspector has been there throughout the way, attending to oversight and non compliance to building code. This has given us a peace of mind. Boutique has responded to these outstanding items to be fixed before they commence on the next stage.

Site getting prepped for build
Pre-Slab inspection is very important
Waffle goes in before the slab is poured
Slab is down
Frame and Roof are up, plus the windows and sliding doors.
Blue skies! And the bricks!

Engage Darbecca!

After reading so many reviews and experiences from other home builders, the common private building inspector that comes up with very good ratings was Darbecca!

This made me switch from the initial private building inspector I was planning to engage in their services to Darbecca.

We have opted to go with inspection at every stage.

This quote is valid as at 18 May 2016:

Stage Inspections Single Storey – Standard Pricing Single Storey – Discount Pricing
Pre Pour/Steel Inspections $490.00 $470.00
Slab Inspection $330.00 $0  (combined with frame inspection)
Frame Inspection $495.00 $450.00  (inc. complimentary slab inspection)
Pre Plaster/Lock up $495.00 $450.00  (inc. complimentary frame reinspection)
Pre Paint/Fixing Inspections $495.00 $450.00
Waterproofing Inspections $430.00 $390.00    ($120.00 if combined with Fixing)
PCI/Final Inspections $630.00 $550.00
Re Inspections $385.00 $350.00
*Please note – All prices are inclusive of GST*

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