Nearing the home run!

I have been preoccupied! Fiji won it’s first Olympic medal and that being GOLD in rugby sevens. I was at home watching telly,┬áto witness such a historic and proud moment. Shortly after I got quite unwell and have been home for six weeks now. The longest break I have ever had since starting work in 1999!!! A colleague of mine (good old George), reminded me to update my blog.

What has happened to date?

ALOT!!!! And the journey has been great!

We are almost nearing completion, with only the flooring in the main area and bedrooms, shower screens, mirrors to wardrobe and clean up.

Let me show you a few pictures, it definitely speaks louder than words.

August 13, 2016


21 August, 2016


28 August, 2016


27 September, 2016