Nitty-Gritty items…

We had our first walk through on the 20th of October with our Site Supervisor, Stephen East and our private building inspector, Darbecca. We were pretty happy as there was only cosmetic changes to be made. The biggest change was the scratched windows.

The second walkthrough we noticed our engineered floorboards were scratched! Yes, scratching is delaying us.. but today 7 November we went over and everything was in order. We have officially signed off!! Hooray!

We had started packing slowly two months ago, it is a good time to sort out on clutter. You can also book in Brotherhood of St Lawrence to collect items for charity, including white goods.

There is a number of removalist and the best one based on customer reviews is Metro Movers. They even offer Complimentary on Move Day: Portable Wardrobes, Plasma Crates and Mattress/Couch Covers.

We booked our apartment cleaning with Exit Clean Melbourne.

Here is a checklist I have found useful to plan for the lead up to MOVE DAY!

Estimated cost for moving day
Boxes  $     100.00
Removalist (3 hours + toll)  $     437.00
Exit Cleaning services (2 bedroom apartment)  $     350.00
Redirection of mail (12 months)  $     116.55
Total  $  1,003.55


Styling we must go…

This has been tough, trying to find a stylish and comfortable couch!
After much research and visiting so many places, we came across a boutique furniture shop in Prahran called Home Concepts. The staff have been amazingly helpful and their prices are reasonable for the quality of furniture they have. Did I mention it is Australian made and also comes with a 10-year warranty!!

We decided to do a layout check! So, with my painter’s tape, I measured out the dimensions and realised my initial plan for a 3 seater and 2 seater would close up the open plan and made it feel a bit cramped. So instead we opted for a chaise lounge.


Dining table and 2 seater next to dining table and three seater next to window

Say hi to Lily!