Water Tank

This is our bit for the environment and being green. We have opted to have a water tank to service and recycle water from the laundry, toilets and garden. We have opted to go with an independent supplier, Rainwise Pools, Tanks and Pumps.

To allow for this, you must get your builder to provide a provision for future installation of rainwater tank by others after handover.  This includes capped service runs plumbed to WCs and Laundry and single weatherproof power point for Owner’s future pump.

These are the tanks we are looking at with Rainwise Pools, Tanks and Pumps.

Please note prices are current as of 22 December 2015.


Yarra Valley Average Water Consumption for a typical household:




On Friday,we had our electrical appointment. Dad also came along with us.

Some of the tips we got were to think how you would use the switch.
For example, in the laundry we placed a switch at a height of 1000mm to cater for us when ironing.

We chose a low profile diffused downlight kit 12W white, 24 in total!

My tip is to pay extra for the surge protector, it cost us $224 and is so worth it. Think of your water tank, you will need an outdoor switch for this.

If you building a double storey try and get all your electrical right for the bottom, it is harder to do this at a later stage.


Slimline switches to the entire home