Cannot avoid variations..

After our colour selection we were given 48 hours to make any changes. This is an opportunity to make changes to your selection and not incur a change fee. The most important 48 hours of your pre-build cycle. Kimberley, yes I mention her a lot because she is awesome! Arranged us a time on Saturday to go pick the right floor tiles. And trust me never pick anything to do with colour online. The variation of colours in physical form is so different.

And yes, we made a few variations:

Floor Tiles
Cat 4 600 x 600 Monza Colle White Satin/Lappato
Laundry Floor Tiles
Cat 4 300 x 600 Monza Colle White Satin/Lappato 
Garage Door
Colour – Caoba Profile – Cosmopolitan
Boral Aggregate Alpine
Tiles from floor to ceiling
Door Base – Gesso Lini Sheen
Internal Paint
3 coats of paint Wattyl Imperial White (upgrade to Dulux wash and wear)